Fast Checkout for WooCommerce submitted to WordPress plugin directory

Hello Fast Devs! We would like to share an update with you in regards to Fast + WooCommerce. Today we submitted our plugin to the WordPress plugin directory!

What does this mean for prospective sellers?
You will be able to find, install & update our plugin right from your WordPress admin dashboard.

What does this mean for current sellers on WooCommerce?
You will be able to update your plugin right from your WordPress admin dashboard. In order to start using the official plugin from the plugin directory, you will need to take the following steps first:

  • Search the plugin directory for “Fast Checkout for WooCommerce” to ensure it’s been accepted and published (we’ll post here again once its approved).

  • Completely remove the plugin by navigating to Plugins in your WordPress admin dashboard, finding the plugin, deactivating and removing. Don’t worry about losing any saved data or settings, this information is stored in your database, while these changes only change your codebase.

  • Return to the plugin directory, search for “Fast Checkout for WooCommerce” again, this time clicking install and activating.

  • Test your store by placing an order while in Test mode. You may need to change the settings to enable Test mode.

  • If you order succeeds, return back to plugin settings and turn off Test mode.

  • You’re done!

If you have any questions about the functionality and features of this plugin, please reach out to our team at